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What procedure for minor children traveling 12 (twelve) years old?

Viagem com Criança

Children 12 (twelve) years, may travel only with permission of the Juvenile Court or accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18 (eighteen) years documented. Ages 12 (twelve) years do not require authorization, simply be in possession of documents.

What is the baggage allowance per passenger?

Bagagem por passageiro

According to the decree 29.913 of 12 May 1989, Capitulo IV (Rights and Obligations of the User), Art. 30, item VII : transport, free, volumes in the trunk and door-packages, subject to the provisions of Article 94 this Regulation;

Article 94 – In the fare is com-preendido, franchise under the mandatory carriage and qratuíto volumes in the trunk and door packages, observed the following maximum weight and dimension;

I – no bagageiro – 2(two) with a maximum volume 30(thirty) pounds of total weight, without each volume exceeds 240(two hundred and forty) dm and volume 1(about) in larger metro;

II – in port packages – 5(five) pounds of total weight, with dimensions that fit the door-packages, provided that they are not compromised comfort and safety of passengers.

Paragraph 1. – Exceeded the franchise set to in subparagraphs I and II of this article, pay the passenger, for transporting kilogram of excess or volume, until 1%(one percent) the price of the corresponding transition to the conventional service.

Paragraph 2. – For the purpose of this Regulation is considered luggage set of objects for personal or family use conducted by passengers traveling, packed in bags, boxes, bags or packages.

Can I travel with my pet?

Animal de Estimação

Can only travel animals transported in box, in her lap and occupy the maximum space of a chair, not to compromise comfort, health and safety of other passengers. Still needed, Animal health certificate signed by the veterinarian. To guide dogs, the bus ticket in releasing the transport box.

Students and teachers have FREE tickets?

Passe Escolar

In lines that operate there is the benefit of the student discount through the school pass. See details on our page “School Pass”.

It allowed vendors to sell merchandise inside the BUSES?

Comércio Ambulante

This type of marketing is not allowed. Every attempt should be communicated to senior management so that the necessary measures are taken.

Up to how many years, child pay passage?


According to the decree 29.913 of 12 May 1989, Capitulo IV (Rights and Obligations of the User), Art. 30, item XV : – transport, without payment of passage children up 5(five) years old, provided they do not occupy seats, still in compliance with the existing regulations on the transport of low-.